leghorn roo
Available Poultry ~ 10.4.13 – updated 10.29.13

Bantam Salmon Faverolles pullets (young hens) ~ minimum 2 @ $35 each /  3+ $30 each Bantam White Leghorn: this years’ pullet $15/SOLD ~ last years rooster $5 Pair 2 1/2 month old standard Ameraucanas ~ rare colour ~ $25 for pair/SOLD Standard Barred Rock cockerel (young rooster) ~ 6 months old ~ $5  - very nice rooster, great in flock and calm personality/SOLD Standard Ameraucana cockerel ~ $5 ~ quite reserved and quiet ~ great in any flock/SOLD Pair guinea fowl ~ hen is this years hatch ~ male is last year ~ $25 for the pair/SOLD    

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Slowly but Surely ~ A Rosie Update

Rosie has been consistently improving, and for that, we’re relieved. Over the course of the summer we have seen much improvement – no aggressive behavior – and a responsiveness to things asked of her. If she doesn’t want to engage, she turns and walks away – non-threateningly.  About three weeks ago she began to let us reach out and pat her while picking her paddock and filling her water bucket. From there she let me touch her face – and soon afterward I was able to reach out and hold her by her halter. I got more consistent with asking … Continue reading

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Bantam Salmon Faverolles Rooster
Available Chickens ~ as of 8.6.13

We have several chickens looking for new homes. Last years hens ~ laying very well Ameraucana (3) ~ $22 ~ SOLD Rhode Island (1 Red – 2 White/Red) ~ $15 each ~ SOLD Barred Rock (2) ~ $15 each ~ SOLD Retired Hens ~ laying a bit but more for bug patrol (we prefer a home where they will stay together please) 2 Ameraucanas ($5 gold – $8 white) 1 Buff Orpington ($5) This year’s hatch – pullets ~ 2-3 months old Ameraucana ~ $18 each SOLD RI Red ~ $16 each ~ SOLD Roosters and Cockerels 5 month old … Continue reading

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Flashy Trout Lettuce
Cool Weather Vegetable Gardening Workshop

Lettuce for Christmas! Plant your Autumn Garden Now! Learn the techniques for having an abundant fall harvest and some simple overwintering garden ideas. We will cover: crops, care and basic structure ideas. Last year I was able to Harvest my Broccoli, Lettuce and Spinach through January. You can too! Class instructor: Wendy Milne ~ Master Gardener  * Taught Square Foot Gardening Classes for Mel Bartholomew at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah* Join us on August 1, 2013 at 6 pm for a 2-hour discussion ~ followed by a Q & A over fresh scones and blueberry jam. **Pre-registration is required. $25 … Continue reading

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japanese beetles
Japanese Beetles

Source: Vermont Garden Journal They’re here! Today I saw my first Japanese beetle lingering on a rose flower. In Japan these beetles aren’t much of a pest as natural predators and few lawns limit their reproduction. However, east of the Mississippi River, Japanese beetles feed on hundreds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. So let’s get right to the controls. Handpick the adults in the morning while they’re still sluggish and drop them into a can of soapy water. Better yet place a sheet under the shrub and shake. The beetles naturally roll and drop onto the sheet where you can … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Stalks
Rhubarb Ins and Outs

Today is Rhubarb harvesting day around these parts! To me, the plants are beginning to look a bit too full – with lots of new growth inching upwards – and the shoots are turning a nice deep red; it’s time in my book. Despite having the plants for several years now, I have allowed them to simply root in and flourish. Part of that is because it’s the best way to handle rhubarb, the other part is I’m not particularly fond of the vegetable (or fruit, hmmm which is it??) ~ the taste anyway, as the plant is to be … Continue reading

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Lacy takes a dust bath
The heat is on… outside anyway…

Today will kick off a very long spell of hot weather that will take its toll on everyone around here. Heat is far more dangerous than even the coldest of winter days, so we’ll be doing a lot of preparation and monitoring. Here are some of the things that we suggest/do in the event of extreme heat: Offer swimming pools/shallow bowls of water to all the birds and goats. Hose down any critter (goats/horses/sheep) that appears to be overheating. It doesn’t matter if they like it or not – they have to get cool.

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Cisco is still waiting!

Oh where, oh where is Cisco’s person? We just don’t know ~ but we hope they come along soon because our poor ole guy is still waiting – after being stuck with us for over a year! Need a trail buddy? Cisco is your man. Need a friend? Yup, he’s got that covered. Need someone who is handsome and adorable? Oh yeah,,,check out his handsome mug:)

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Chicken Coop
Coops! Yes, we build them!

Need a coop? We build them! We didn’t build the one in the pic, but certainly could (and personally, I like this one a lot because it’s functional and practical). Or bring us your plans and we’ll go from there:) You can also visit the coop at Cluck (399 Broadway Providence, RI) cos yes, we built that one!    

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Rosie Update

Rosie has been responding well to ‘back to basics’ training using a natural horsemanship approach. Once the rope halter is on, she settles into a mode that is all business ~ and we’re pleased that we haven’t seen aggressive behavior from her in some time. If Rosie does show displeasure, it has been by way of her turning her rump to us – but there has been no kicking, rearing, or striking when asked to do something that she doesn’t want to do. Yesterday we needed to apply fly spray and she did react unpleasantly – but it was to … Continue reading

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